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Imagine the gentle caress of a coastal breeze on your face. Feel the soft embrace of golden sands between your toes. Let the rhythmic symphony of waves fill your ears. You’re standing in Kollam, a serene paradise in the southern state of Kerala, India.

Hear the distant whispers of traditional boatmen. Smell the tantalizing aroma of freshly caught seafood. See the vast expanse of the Ashtamudi Lake, an intricate web of rivers and canals.

Stroll through palm-lined streets. Visit vibrant markets. Discover the blend of cultures and traditions. This is Kollam, a tranquil retreat. Let the journey begin.

History of Kollam

Ancient Times: Kollam, also known as Quilon, has a rich history that dates back over a thousand years. It was a thriving port city, frequented by Chinese, Phoenicians, Arabs, and Romans.

Medieval Era: In the 9th century, the town gained fame under the rule of the Chera Dynasty. Kollam was a center for trade and commerce, especially in spices like pepper and cardamom.

Colonial Period: The Portuguese arrived in the 16th century, followed by the Dutch and then the British. Each left their mark, transforming Kollam into a blend of various cultures.

Modern Kollam: Today, Kollam is known for its stunning backwaters, historic landmarks, and delicious seafood. It has grown to be a favorite destination for travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

Kollam welcomes you. Come, explore, and lose yourself in the magic of this coastal haven.

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Kollam quick facts

Location: Southwestern coast of Kerala, India.

Languages Spoken: Malayalam (primary), English (widely spoken), Tamil.

Climate: Tropical climate with an average temperature ranging between 25°C and 32°C. Monsoons between June and September.

Best known for: Its mesmerizing backwaters, especially the Ashtamudi Lake, and being a gateway to the Kerala backwaters.

Popular Festivals:

  • Kollam Pooram: An extravagant elephant procession.
  • Thirumullavaram Beach Festival: Celebrated with dance, music, and cultural shows.
  • Oachira Kali: A mock fight festival with traditional rituals.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Thangasseri Lighthouse: A historic beacon with panoramic views.
  • Ashtamudi Lake: A pristine water body perfect for houseboat rides.
  • Palaruvi Waterfall: A nature lover’s delight.
  • Thirumullavaram Beach: A serene coastal retreat.
  • Paravur Lake: A scenic backwater paradise.
  • Mayyanad Temples: A collection of 10 temples showcasing Kerala’s architecture and spirituality.

Local Cuisine:

  • Kollam Fish Curry: A spicy, tangy fish preparation.
  • Duck Roast: A local delicacy cooked in rich spices.
  • Tapioca with Fish Curry: A classic combination loved by locals.
  • Ari Unda: Rice balls sweetened with jaggery.

Lets visit Kollam, and experience a slice of Kerala’s timeless beauty and rich culture.

Best time to visit Kollam

November to February:

  • Weather: Cool and pleasant.
  • Temperature: Ranges between 22°C to 30°C.
  • Highlights: Ideal for sightseeing, houseboat rides, and beach activities.

March to May:

  • Weather: Warm and humid.
  • Temperature: Can go up to 35°C.
  • Highlights: Fewer crowds, making it a good time for those who prefer a quiet visit.

June to September:

  • Weather: Monsoon season with regular rains.
  • Temperature: Between 25°C and 30°C.
  • Highlights: The landscape turns lush and green, providing a scenic beauty. This is a preferred time for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Plan your trip accordingly to make the most of what Kollam has to offer, be it the calm backwaters, golden beaches, or vibrant festivals.

How to reach Kollam

By Air:

  • Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport.
  • Distance: Approximately 70 kilometers from Kollam.
  • Connectivity: Major Indian cities and select international destinations.
  • Transfers: Taxis and buses are available from the airport to Kollam.

By Train:

  • Kollam Junction Railway Station: One of the oldest and most significant railway stations in Kerala.
  • Connectivity: Well connected to major cities across India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

By Road:

  • National Highways: NH-66 connects Kollam to other parts of Kerala and neighboring states.
  • Bus Services: State-run (KSRTC) and private buses operate regularly between Kollam and other major cities of Kerala.

By Water:

  • Water Transport: Kollam is a key backwater destination and can be reached using houseboats and traditional boats from various parts of Kerala, especially from Alleppey.

Choose your mode of transport based on convenience and experience, as each offers a unique perspective of the scenic beauty leading up to Kollam.

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